Videography & Photography

Our video capabilities give your story more depth. We can handle the entire process from story building and scripting to filming and post production.

We can create vibrant content, capture commercials, brand stories, interviews, promotional videos and more to build your brand from all angles.

Filming and photography are just part of the process. We have a thorough process of writing the content and an editing stage the includes audio and motion graphics.

  • Original content

  • Corporate

  • Brand story

  • Short documentary

  • Real estate

Social Media

Establish a real connection with your audience. Social media campaigns can humanize your brand by investing in messaging that reaches your customers where they consume content every day.

Our social media team is skilled in gaining brand exposure, obtaining trending status, interaction with key influencers, spreading content and executing strategies that deliver results.

  • Social media advertising

  • Content creation

  • Content calendars

  • Market research

  • Influencer marketing

  • Community management

  • Social media reporting and monitoring

Websites & SEO

A website is a crucial marketing tool to connect to your audience.

M7 understands the importance of optimizing your website for lead generation and inbound marketing content.

We will design a website that is an extension of your brand and build them as an extension of strategic marketing tools


  • Content architecture

  • User experience

  • Content creation

  • Theme development

  • Custom Development

Advertising & Marketing

Your brand is your identity, your values and your voice. We help our clients find success by uniting their communications under an organized brand system.


  • Corporate development

  • Menus and brochures

  • Environmental guidelines

  • Wayfinding

  • Messaging/Copywriting


M7 knows how to blow your brand up. Our collaborative approach combines many diverse services to create dynamic, integrated advertising campaigns. We work together to position your brand in effective and focused marketing and provide tracking analytics through print, targeted digital media, direct mail, radio, and broadcast television.



Broad Street Benchwarmers

By Dan Black & Richie Garry

Broad Street Benchwarmers spotlights current sports, favorite beers, and great food that go together throughout the Philadelphia and Delaware area. Sit back and tune in!
Brought to you by Growler and Grub magazine.




M7 started in 2011 with a small group of experienced design and media professionals getting together to work on projects we believed in and that's still what we do to this day.

Over the years the projects have evolved but the prime idea was always that the difference for every project and every company was the people behind the decisions.

We bring the same creative spirit and drive we started with to every project we take on.


We believe in open communication. We have to listen and learn about our client's business to understand their needs.

It's only after we have developed a relationship with our clients, understand what they need and where they want to go that we can start to develop a strategy for success!






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37232 Lighthouse Rd


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